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Red Label Natural Care Tea

₹ 273

₹ 295


About the Product

Red Label Natural Care Tea contains the goodness of 5 natural ingredients - Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi & Ashwagandha, all of which are extremely beneficial for your body as they enhance immunity while giving the tea a unique and rich flavour. Red Label Natural Care tea is also available in Tea bags!
As per Ayurvedic texts and human studies on NK cell activity, the mix of natural ingredients in Red Natural Care Tea provides protection from cold, cough and flu. While a market research study done on 785 consumers indicates that the Red Natural Care Tea helps build immunity against common ailments.
Features and Benefits:
• Red Label Natural Care contains Cardamom which helps in digestion.
• Red Label Natural Care contains Ginger which helps protect from cough & cold.
• Red Label Natural Care contains Tulsi which helps build body resistance and Mulethi which helps soothe the throat.
• Red Label Natural Care contains Ashwagandha which helps cope with stress.
Also Available in 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg packs.


Tea and Flavours of Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Ashwagandha and Licorice


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