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Ayurvedic Oil

₹ 73

₹ 89


Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil Has A ‘Deep Root Comb’ Inside its pack. The applicator not only helps to apply Oil To The Hair Roots Properly and Avoid Unnecessary Wastage Which Happens While Using Fingers, but it also helps stimulating roots for deeper oil penetration by targeting roots and enhancing micro circulation

The following steps can be followed to use the Deep Root Comb applicator:

  • Remove The Cap From The Bottle
  • Screw-on The Deep Root Comb To The Bottle
  • Gently Squeeze The Bottle To Apply Oil Directly To The Hair & Scalp
  • Stroke Your Scalp As If Combing, Allowing Hair Oil To Spread Evenly On Your Head
  • Lastly Use Fingers To Apply Oil To The Hair Length.

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