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HIT Crawling Insect Killer – Cockroach Killer Spray | Instant Kill | Deep-Reach Nozzle | Fresh Fragrance

₹ 308

₹ 340


  • INSTANT KILL: Instantly kills disease-spreading cockroaches and pests in just 3 seconds
  • UNIQUE ‘DEEP-REACH’ NOZZLE: Delivers the spray to even the remotest cracks and crevices where cockroaches hide
  • PROTECTION FROM DISEASES: Cockroach cause diseases and hence the spray helps provide protection against cockroaches that can make your family ill
  • WHERE TO USE: Use in all cracks and corners, inside sink pipe, under cylinder, under fridge, kitchen sink outlet, inside cabinets, etc
  • FRESH FRAGRANCE: Pleasant fresh fragrance, causing no discomfort during and after application
  • Available in 5 different pack sizes: 200ml, 320ml, 400ml, 625ml and 700ml

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