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Colgate Strong Teeth, 800g (Combo Pack, 200g*4) Toothpaste

₹ 320

₹ 500


Minimum Order Quantity is 3 pcs

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  • COLGATE STRONG TEETH is India’s no.1 toothpaste for stronger teeth for you and your family. As per Kantar Worldpanel Apr '23 report, it's the No.1 penetrated toothpaste in India, and has the highest volume share within the Toothpastes category.
  • NOURISHED Teeth are important as our teeth are losing calcium every day we eat sugary or junk food.
  • COLGATE STRONG TEETH NOURISHES teeth by boosting the process of natural calcium reabsorption from the saliva.
  • NOURISHED TEETH are 2X STRONGER with COLGATE STRONG TEETH's unique Calcium Boost + Arginine Formula.
  • STRENGTHENS TEETH, PREVENTS CAVITIES, Whitens Teeth and Freshens Breath.
  • RECOMMENDED USAGE: Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time.
  • 100% VEGAN, Gluten-Free and responsibly made.

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