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Closeup Everfresh+ Anti-Germ Gel Toothpaste Red Hot 80 g

₹ 54

₹ 64


Minimum Order Quantity is 36 pcs

  • Experience burst of 3x Freshness** which gives you the confidence to come close (**Clinically proves 3x fresh breath vs ordinary toothpaste without anti-germ zinc actives over 4 Wks of regular use)
  • Upto 12 hrs fresh breath# & new formula which gives 28% better cleaning for whiter* teeth (*based on scientific study vs ordinary gel toothpaste, 2019) (#
  • Anti-Germ mouthwash which fights upto 99% germs in mouth*** (***based on clinical study, 2011)
  • Upto 10x Cooling sensation* (*vs toothpaste without proprietary cooling technology)
  • Helps fight 5 oral care problems - Freshens breath, reduces teeth stains, whitens teeth, removes plaque build up, fights cavity

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